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  • Kathryn Hedley

Initial forensic analysis of a PinePhone

The PinePhone is the first true Linux-based smartphone brought to market and available to the general public to purchase and use. This means there are still lots of bugs, and the devices are prone to crash and/or not include support for some of the embedded hardware. However, one of the primary intentions of the PinePhone project is to open the door for more Linux-based smartphones and there is therefore an opportunity for these to become more popular in the future, and for one to land on the desk of a digital forensic examiner.

With that in mind, I provide the following cheatsheet, which contains locations for some of the data I've found so far during my evaluation of the Manjaro PinePhone. This is by no means an exhaustive list, but is hopefully useful if you come across one of these devices and need to analyse it.

Download a PDF version of the cheatsheet here:

Download PDF • 208KB


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