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Unique digital forensic services for your business

Digital Forensic Consultancy

We have specialists on hand to provide advice and define best practice for your organisation on digital forensic tools, processes and procedures. We provide advice on forensic readiness, incident response, training for junior team members and tools and techniques for acquisition and investigation.


Digital Forensic Investigations

Digital Forensic Investigations require skilled examiners with a keen attention to detail and the ability to effectively triage evidence to pinpoint the data of most interest and relevance to the case. Our team have over a decade of experience in solving complex problems and delivering high quality reports for clients in numerous industries. We are skilled in evidentiality processes and procedures, best practice in incident response and acquisition and the analysis and investigation of Windows, Linux, Mac and mobile devices.


Data Recovery

If you have a USB device or SD card that's showing as recently formatted, or you've accidentally deleted some files on your computer, stop using the device immediately and get in touch; we may be able to recover that data for you. Deleting a file or re-formatting a disk doesn't mean that the data has been erased and it is likely still present on the disk, as long as you stop using the disk straightaway to minimise the risk of that data being overwritten.


We can also advise on the best methods to use to erase files or folders if you have sensitive company or financial data that you wish to remove, or need to wipe an entire system prior to redeployment elsewhere within the business or to another organisation.


Device Repair

Sometimes analysis is required on a phone that has a broken screen or dead battery. Minor repairs can be carried out in order to allow data to be acquired from the device and the investigation to go ahead.


Digital Forensic Training Services

We are working with SANS Institute to provide first class Digital Forensics training and regularly present at DFIR Summits and events.

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